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OFGEM consulting on network charging, including a consultation on embedded benefits, with major impact on many storage installations. 

Exciting future’ - UK Electricity Storage Network ‘rejoicing’ as government seeks answers - 23 Nov 16






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About Us

The Electricity Storage Network successfully connects research, market and government with regular meetings, discussions and conferences.

We are an industry group for companies and organisations that are active in the deployment, design, consumption and research of electricity storage for network connected applications. Electricity storage projects in all categories are of interest, including compressed air, batteries, liquid air, pumped hydro and future technologies.

The Electricity Storage Network was established in 2008 as an informal group of manufacturers, developers, network operators and others interested in storage. Working closely with the Electricity Storage Association (ESA), a number of successful meetings and conferences were held, prior to the group's formal establishment at the beginning of 2010. We now have a leading position in bringing together all those interested in electricity storage in Government, the Regulatory bodies, industry and academia.

Electricity storage is essential to the delivery of a secure, reliable and sustainable electricity network, strong enough to meet rising demand.  Investing in electricity storage now will provide a more efficient, resilient and flexible electricity grid. 

We currently have thirty three industrial members and three academic members. We have published a list of members in the members only area alone with other information including our responses to consultations, briefs to members meetings, meeting reports and copies of presentation material used in our meetings.  If you cannot remember, or haven't got your username and password please contact the office: +44 (0)1392494399.

Membership is open to all those who wish to participate and support our aims. 

There is an annual subscription with rates appropriate to industrial companies and academic institutions.




What do we do?

We work on behalf of our members to address issues affecting the development and use of network, grid and behind-the-meter connected electricity storage within the UK's power systems.  This includes liaising with government departments and regulators and responding to industry consultations.

We have responded to numerous consultations issued by government departments and submitted evidence to parliamentary committees, including the House of Lords, BEIS and Ofgem. Representatives from The Electricity Storage Network attend discussion meetings at both the regional, national and international levels in order to present the case for electrical energy storage.

Members will continue to be represented at national and international standards and regulation meetings and other industry groups with interests in electricity storage and continue to receive expert advice and timely information on current topics of relevance to electricity storage, especially on system services, regulatory reform and national and international initiatives, through our member only meetings and regular newsletters. 

The Electricity Storage Network holds an annual symposium each year bringing together experts from across industry, research, business and policy, providing their views on the deployment of electricity storage in the power system, from consumer and community level to the larger projects on major distribution and transmission connected site.

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