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Developing The Market


An open symposium on developing the market for electricity storage
Wednesday 29 January 2014
The Institution of Civil Engineers
One Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AA

These presentation materials are provided for reference purposes, and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Electricity Storage Network. These presentation materails should be read in the context of a live meeting, with interaction between speakers and symposium delegates and should not be relied upon as the proceedings of the event. Several speakers did not use visual aids. A video recording of the symposium was made and links to extracts are shown below.

For convenience you can download all the 9 presentations in one single ZIP file (5.5MB).

Ian Arbon - Symposium Chairman

A Price (ESN) Introduction

Peter Lang (UKPN) White Paper

Sally Fenton (DECC) Energy Storage Innovation

Phil Lawton (National Grid) Energy Storage for Power Networks

Simon Lord (First Hydro) Presentation

John Christie (DECC) Smarter Networks: Overview of Policy Framework

Jane Ellaway (DECC) The role of electricity storage in a reformed electricity market GB

Mike Wilks (POYRY) Can we leave storage to the market?


Video recordings

Delegates and members have access to video recordings of the highlights from the symposium by following these links:


Commissioner Carla Peterman: The energy storage target for California 

Peter Lang:  The State of Charge of GB 

Sally Fenton:  DECC and energy storage innovation  

Dora Guzavela: The role of storage in the future smart grid  

Phil Lawton: National Grid:  The TSO perspective: 

Simon Lord: First Hydro - The role of an existing operator of storage 

Jane Ellaway:  The Capacity Market  

Mike Wilks:  Can we leave storage to the market 

Peter Taylor:  The view of a new entrant to the storage market:  

Q&A part 1    

Q&A part 2    



13 Feb 2014

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