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ESN 2017 Annual Symposium  Presentations      
Keynote Speech David Capper BEIS  ESNiphalpha.png
Session 1: The Electricity Storage Route Map: Issues & Process    
Storage Provider Mick Barlow S&C   ESNiphalpha.png
Generator John Prendergast RES  ESNiphalpha.png
DNO Adriana Laguna Low Carbon Technologies  ESNiphalpha.png
Session 2: A Society Powered By Storage      
In the home/behind the meter Simon Daniel Moixa  ESNiphalpha.png
Transport Matthew Lumsden Connected Energy Storage  ESNiphalpha.png
Distribution Scale Gareth Brett Highview Power Storage  Liquid air 1.jpg
Grid Scale Scott McGregor Redt  ESNiphalpha.png
Session 3: Who Pays, Who Wins?      
Business Model Configurations Simon Bradbury Poyry Management Consulting  ESNiphalpha.png
Aggregation Alistair Martin Flexitricity  ESNiphalpha.png
DS3 - Ambitious approach to future network requirements Mo Cloonan Commission for Electricity Regulation, Ireland  ESNiphalpha.png
Session 4: System Service Opportunities Good Services, Better Services  
National Grid's Future Role of SO programme and whole system developments John West National Grid  ESNiphalpha.png
Spreadsheet of Deployment Maria Connelly TLT LLP  ESNiphalpha.png
Grid-Scale Battery Storage Success Factors Christophe Banos EDF Energy Renewables  ESNiphalpha.png
Business Models to integrate energy storage James Stoney Energy Storage, Kiwi Power  ESNiphalpha.png
Session 5: UK Industry & Innovation      
Innovation and energy storage Sally Fenton BEIS ESNiphalpha.png 
The perspective from Europe Patrick Clerens The European Association for the Storage of Energy ESNiphalpha.png
Realising the £280bn global market Marek Kubek AES Corporation  ESNiphalpha.png
Session 6: Chairman's  Close      
Next Steps Anthony Price Electricity Storage Network  ESNiphalpha.png
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