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An introduction to energy storage development in the UK including an overview of the legislative and regulatory landscape. Anthony Price ESN  ESNw8trans.png
Lessons from a decade of safe battery energy storage experience.  Ken McKinley AES   ESNw8trans.png

Confidence in energy storage including the principles of UK health and safety legislation.  Using sound health and safety credentials to underpin crucial public, investor and wider industrial/commercial confidence.  Protection for worker and public safety.  Controlling the risks of unlikely, but potentially catastrophic major incidents.

Rosemary Whitbread



Fire, and how to damage a battery in other ways. How batteries fail and the potential consequences and the HSL's experimental programme Jonathan Buston HSL    ESNw8trans.png 
Fire management - fire regulatons and using computer tools to understand the impact of fire. Andy Passingham Olssen Fire  ESNw8trans.png
Under lock and key?  How to provide cyber security for energy projects Jez Kent Swanbarton ESNw8trans.png
The whole system.  Layout, electrical safety and protection, containerised and building, maintenance, upgrades and decommissioning. Aazzum Yassir S&C  ESNw8trans.png
Asking permission.  Best practice in planning and consents inc. COSSH/COMAH/EIA. Jason McGray TNEI  ESNw8trans.png
Achieving excellence.  The role of British and international standards. Tom Rigby-Jones BSI ESNw8trans.png



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