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Introduction Zoltan Zavody ESN ESNw8trans.png
Energy balance and curtailment of generation Goran Strbac Imperial College London



Energy balance and renewables Generation Edward Kenney-Herbert  RES  ESNw8trans.png 
Perspective from portfolio storage developer  Marek Kubik  AES  ESNw8trans.png
Storage Regulation Andrew White   Ofgem  ESNw8trans.png
The role of SO in the energy markets  Paul Lowbridge National Grid   ESNw8trans.png
DNO flexibility tenders Sotiris Georgiopoulos   UKPN  ESNw8trans.png
Efficient co-ordination of services  Rory McCarthy  Origami Energy  ESNw8trans.png
ESN - next steps  Zoltan Zavody  ESN  ESNw8trans.png
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